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DIY Custom Bracelet Kit

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The perfect gift for your little one for holidays, birthdays, or even just a rainy day! ♡

Experience the fun of creating your own bracelets with our limited edition Names For Good DIY Custom Bracelet Kit that we filled with special handpicked beads and equipped with all materials needed! 

Each kit contains:

  • 250+ thoughtfully curated vibrant beads
  • 1 set of A-Z rainbow letters
  • 3 extra of each vowel
  • Additional letters to make up TWO customized words/names
  • 120" of stretch string

Note: Not intended for children 5 and under unless supervised by an adult.

Place the end of a measuring tape in the middle of your wrist and wrap the tape about 1/2" above your wrist bone. The measuring tape should be wrapped snugly, but comfortably, around your wrist.

Note: Size exchanges entail a 20% remake fee per bracelet + shipping there and back.